Tea Bowls & Desserts


Riverview, FL




Tea Bowls and Desserts (TBD @ 301) in Riverview, FL is a quick service café providing freshly brewed tea, desserts, and lunches. TBD @ 301 offers Asian dishes, including Filipino and Mediterranean cuisines, and tea brewed as you order. The owners Jerwin and Jan-Paolo Rosal wanted their café to educate their customers about tea through an interactive experience. This is achieved through the café’s “Tea Wall” where customers can smell and experience tea blends prior to ordering, gain knowledge of caffeine levels and compliment it with desserts. With sustainability in mind, the owners re-purpose the used tea leaves and turns them into deodorizers. Coupled with the desire maintain sustainability, the owners are also keen on giving back to the community with TBD @ 301. For each cup sold, $0.05 goes to G3 Life Applications, a local non-profit organization, to fund their projects and daily operations. The interior design elements pay homage to tea in a literal sense through the trail of stained concrete green leaves embedded in the concrete flooring, the large white tea cup that is the service counter, and the mosaic tea leaves that engulf the restroom.

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