Sam and Laurice Hachem Foundation Club at Town N Country Park – Boys and Girls Clubs


Tampa, FL




The Club features a variety of dedicated spaces for gathering, learning, and activities. As architects of the project, it was our goal to present the Boys and Girls Clubs with a space that is not only fun and inviting, but also efficient and effective for the kids and the staff. As you walk through the facility, the center core of the space is an open, collaborative, bright and airy room with angled ceilings and linear lighting. Activity-focused rooms border that main core. They include rooms dedicated to arts & crafts, music, technology, and other activities. The rear of the facility allows for a unique experience. The two larger activity spaces in the rear have garage lift doors that open up to the exterior patio, providing the staff and kids with fresh air and a fun open-concept experience. In the back of the club is also a butterfly garden, providing an opportunity for the kids to learn about nature and observe the beautiful butterflies.

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